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Joseph Drouhin,Chambolle Musigny Premier Cru 2017’(BH:93’) ♥ Sweet Spot Outstanding

酒款名稱 Joseph Drouhin,Chambolle Musigny Premier Cru 2017’(BH:93’) ♥ Sweet Spot Outstanding
年份 2017’
葡萄品種 Pinot Noir
售價 NT$3600 詢價聯絡單
介紹/說明 Joseph Drouhin於Chambolle Musigny擁有五個一級葡萄園。由於每塊佔地都非常小,只能將他們混釀,於是酒標上並不會出現一級園的葡萄地塊,而僅有Premier Cru而已。
試飲評論 2017’ BH Score: 91-93 / Tasted: Apr 10, 2019/ Drink: 2029+ / Issue: 74 / ♥ Sweet spot
Note: typically made from 6 or 7 different 1ers depending on whether the parcel of Les Baudes is included; 20% whole clusters
Tasting note: A restrained, cool and elegant nose is comprised by notes of red currant, a pretty array of spice elements and a hint of lilac. The gorgeously refined and satiny middle weight flavors exude plenty of minerality that also suffuses the driving, detailed and beautifully persistent finish. A classic Chambolle of lace and grace.

2016’ Tim Atkin Rating:94’
Tasting Note: Seven premier cru vineyards, all located below the village, are used to make this wine, although some were affected by frost in 2016. This is always an excellent Chambolle, which is much more than the sum of its parts, with 15% whole bunches, plenty of texture and lacy, granular tannins. 2020-28.

2016’ Wine Spectator Score:93’
Tasting Note: An alluring expression of pure cherry, strawberry and currant fruit, plus floral and spice notes, highlights this elegant red. A firm structure underlies it all, boding well for future development. Best from 2022 through 2040.

Joseph Drouhin於Chambolle Musigny擁有Noirots, Hauts Doix, Borniques, Plantes以及Combottes等一級葡萄園。由於每塊佔地都非常小,只能將他們混釀,於是酒標上並不會出現一級園的葡萄地塊,而僅有Premier Cru而已。


Chambolle Musigny的酒款總是帶給人柔美、細緻如絲的印象,此酒酒色明亮,富有紫羅蘭、黑櫻桃與大地的氣息,某些特定年份甚至會有松露的清香,單寧細緻且柔順地平貼在舌尖,整體結構與酸度十分平衡,尾韻留有櫻桃等蜜餞氣息。

2015 BH Score: 91 /Tasted: Apr 15, 2017 /Drink: 2023+ /Issue: 66 / ♥ Outstanding
Note: typically made from 6 or 7 different 1ers depending on whether the parcel of Les Baudes is included; 35% whole clusters
Tasting note: A distinctly ripe yet pure, elegant and still fresh nose consists of essence of red berries, spice elements and a hint of tea. There is evident minerality to the wonderfully textured middle weight flavors that are perhaps not quite as elegant as those of the villages yet there is better depth and length on the slightly firmer finish.

2014’ BH Score: 93 /Tasted: Apr 15, 2016 /Drink: 2024+ /Issue: 62 / ♥ Sweet spot Outstanding
Note: typically made from 6 or 7 different 1ers depending on whether the parcel of Les Baudes is included
Tasting note: As one would reasonably expect this is much more elegant with its highly perfumed and ultra-pure essence of red currant and wide ranging floral elements that are trimmed in sandalwood and anise nuances. The stony and saline middle weight flavors possess laser-like delineation along with good richness and volume, all wrapped in a firm and ever-so-mildly austere finale that also makes it clear that this is built-to-age, indeed it will very like require 10 to 12 years of bottle age to reach its apogee. In a word, terrific.

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